coarseheart replied to your post “unfortunately, the magpie didn’t make it. I’ll tell the story. …”

R.I.P. Edward. You were the best (and only) magpie I ever almost got bit by.


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universeboots replied to your post “universeboots replied to your post:tempted to make friends on…”

The idea is v bad. The food idea was much better.

i trust your judgement, u many smart. food was good also.

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I am so sorry to any of you who saw my very negative posts earlier today. I was being ridiculous. please forgive me :( 


Don’t do the thing

is that a bad idea? i just made food instead

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okay so I just googled how many types of cheese there are, and I am so shocked because 


and yet i have only been eating maybe 10 of them in my whole life???

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How to Koala someone

Vine by: Ethan

be prepared cassie

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controller.controller - history

I used to listen to this song in the tenth grade. it’s still good. 



i’ve been to a few before, but this is my first time ever hosting a party.

there’s gonna be board games. and probly spaghetti. 

I hope it stays pretty chill. I want it to be like a bunch of people enjoying each other’s company and having fun. there’s gonna be a mix of believers and nonbelievers there, all who I love. 

so yeah.

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I just lol’d.

not actually an inaccurate representation of events in my life


I just lol’d.


not actually an inaccurate representation of events in my life

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tempted to make friends on reddit

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can’t find can opener.
no problem!
use knife.



ppolarbears said: please try not to die.

Sweetie that’s in God’s hands

I just want to see who gets nominated for eviction man

my best friend everyone

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I crowd surfed. It went well until it didn’t. Luckily a friendly man caught me.

you would ahahah

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I wonder if you could build one city but cause it to be in two different places and just connect it by a giant extremely fast monorail system.

like having one city existing on two different land masses separated by water. such as having 1 city on two islands. or half the city in north Ohio and half the city in south Ohio. it would be the same city, and it would be like it wasn’t even that far away, because the monorail could take you there in just a few minutes. you could have Edmonton here in central Alberta, and have Edmonton in southern Alberta. just build a speedy monorail near Calgary and you could have north Edmonton and south Edmonton. far away from each other, but still the same city. 

I don’t know why this concept is blowing my mind right now. no one would ever do this.

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