• me:meow
  • office:*laughter*
  • me:oops did I do that out loud?
  • coworker:is there a cat in here?
  • other coworker:it's just bryanna, our resident cat


i luv flowrpet me

Holla I am pleased with my percentage cool

i’m bad at math tho

my blog is maybe like 60% Jesus, artwork, and A.D.D posts, then 35% cassie and 5% zach liking from afar

my sneeze got stuck so im gonna do the special sneeze



if you help me find a an 80’s VW Rabbit I will rub my face on you like a cat

one of my best friends had one. she nursed it for about 3 years before she sold it.

that’s so coool ;-; they’re nifty little guys


Many people remember a fallen soldier as a person in uniform. Sometimes that soldier is also the four legged friend who saved lives by being a bomb-sniffing dog, finding the IED, and warning everyone about it before it explodes. This is a sad but beautiful picture of pure respect for 2 fallen heroes.



If you believe you’ve been made right with God through Christ, then life can never be about what you have to accomplished. We have to live born-again and always start where Jesus finished. The just shall live by faith and without faith it is impossible to please God, and faith works through love.

So the foundation of your life must be rooted and grounded in love, it must be based on what Jesus accomplished for us. And, we’re called to walk worthy of the calling of God, not to live to please ourselves, but to please and glorify Him in all things.

Our lives are not mistakes. God chose us, we didn’t choose Him. Today or tomorrow will never, ever be able to challenge or redefine God’s unfailing love unless we allow it to; unless we give people and our circumstances the power to determine who God says we are through His Son. We live from Heaven to Earth, not from the Earth to Heaven.

Be encouraged and believe God for awesome opportunities to glorify Him, but don’t allow a day to determine who you’re going to be! Jesus in us defines us, not people, our feelings, or life’s circumstances. We don’t need people or our circumstances to change to be okay; Christ has come and God is our source and Father!

URGENT Prayer request!


Please pray for my sister-in-law. She’s pregnant and was admitted to the E.R. with chest pains. The doctors are currently trying to rule out the possibility of a blood clot in her lung.

Thank you for your prayers, and God bless <3



Hey, guys. I’m at the emergency room right now. They’re running tests. Pray that it’s nothing serious. Or maybe that it is something serious enough to get me out of work tonight.

Either one works. I don’t want to die, but I also don’t want to go to work. I’m not sure which I dislike less.

are you alright??

i am allowed to hab my own car ;-;

besides it’s probably gonna take me like a year before i even find one of these beauties

if you help me find a an 80’s VW Rabbit I will rub my face on you like a cat


1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI
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